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Frequently Asked Questions  
How long does it take WI to complete an assignment?
The timeframe depends on the scope of the project. However, we can mobilize our team to meet almost any deadline. We haven’t missed one yet.
Do you work with draft data?
We prefer to work with final data, but we can work with draft data for document shells and preliminary documents, including summaries.
Can you offer advice about early stage clinical development?
We have worked on preclinical projects as well as IND submissions. Our members can also assist with writing preclinical reports, abstracts, manuscripts and grants.
Have you worked on clinical protocols, INDs, NDAs, grants?
WI members work on a full spectrum of pharmaceutical and biotechnology writing. You will only be assigned a writer who can meet your needs. If we don’t have the expertise you are looking for, we will refer you to another group.
Will I be assigned a specific writer?
Depending on the assignment you may be assigned your own writer. You will always be assigned a contact who will provide you with answers when you need them and be responsive to your needs.
How do you bill?
WI can bill hourly for a specific consultant's time or bid on an entire project. For the latter, a clear scope of project will be outlined in advance.
Do you have a patent attorney on staff?
WI does not have a patent attorney; we have a patent agent. We can refer a client to an attorney if that level of service is required.
Do you take small assignments?
We are willing to work with our client for as little as a few days or as long as several years. WI has a wide range of members with different areas of expertise who appreciate a variety of assignments.
Do you ever partner with other small businesses?
We partner with other small businesses as the sub-contractor or prime contractor on assignments too large for us to manage independently. We also refer work out when it is beyond our ability to accomplish up to our standards.
How do I get more information about WI working on an assignment for me?
Go to “contact us” and send an email. Someone will contact you (usually the same day).