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Whitsell Innovations, Inc. Employees participating in a Service Day at HomeStart Women and Children’s homeless shelter

Whitsell Innovations, Inc. (WI) is hosting a WI Day of Service on Friday, March 4, 2016. Robin Whitsell, Founder and President of Whitsell Innovations (WI), Inc., along with 10 WI employees will be working at HomeStart, a Women and Children's homeless shelter run by the Inter-Faith Council in Carrboro, North Carolina. The 11-person WI team will roll up their sleeves, repairing and painting. In addition, WI is donating the funds to completely furnish a room for a deserving family through A Lotta Love foundation. HomeStart's mission is to provide "a safe, structured home for homeless women and children, helping them to access community recourses and offering everyone on-going support to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness." Donating a room through A Lotta Love program helps make the spaces feel more like home.
"We are very excited about being involved in our community and working with organizations like A Lotta Love and HomeStart that are making such a huge Impact In the lives of local families,” says Ms. Whitsell.
"This is our first year working with HomeStart and A Lotta Love, but it was clear from our first meeting that these organizations believe in their mission," says Natalie Herr, PhD, Medical and Scientific Writer at WI. "We are honored and proud to participate, and we look forward to establishing a strong, long-lasting relationship with them."