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The WI Internship program was founded in 2010 and has a strong history of training successful medical writers, many of whom are employed at WI. Each year, WI accepts new interns into the Internship Program via a rigorous application process.

The Internship program consists of both instructional and practical components. Interns are mentored one-on-one by experienced medical writers throughout the program, with increasing levels of independence as the intern becomes more experienced. The goal of the Internship program is to provide a fast-paced introduction to the skills and knowledge needed for a successful career in medical writing.

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What Will Interns at WI Learn During the Internship?

  • Regulatory writing
  • Manuscript writing
  • Safety and postmarketing writing
  • AMA style
  • Software templates
  • Guidance documents
  • Interpreting data from SAS datasets
  • Varied therapeutic areas
  • Virtual etiquette
  • Effective communication and organization strategies
  • How to work with national and global teams
  • How to lead effective meetings
  • And much more!
  • Financial:

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    5 Locations

    Infinite Ideas

    Quotes from Current and Former Interns

    “I don’t know how I would have transitioned into the field of regulatory writing without this internship at WI. It is a comprehensive, well-structured training program that gave me hands-on experience in document writing, client relations, and other skills. But the best part about it is the friendly, cooperative atmosphere at WI that makes you feel everyone has got your back if you ever need anything.”

    “After a long career in academia, the transition to regulatory medical writing in industry seemed unattainable. But the WI internship program made it possible because I was able to learn the skills required to be a medical writer part-time in a nurturing and supportive environment, with a flexible schedule that allowed me to continue to work full-time in academia.”

    “The WI medical writing internship is a unique opportunity to learn the ropes of regulatory writing while being supported by experienced writers. My experience in the internship program was enlightening, informative, and (sometimes) even fun.”

    “The WI internship literally changed the course of my career. By immersing me in the field alongside experts who were not just willing but passionate about helping me to learn, the internship transformed me from a bench scientist to the successful writer I am today.”

    “As a trained bench scientist, I was looking to transition into regulatory writing, and WI’s internship program was such a gift. The program afforded me the opportunity to build a knowledge base and receive hands-on training, and introduced to me a company full of highly skilled and dedicated colleagues always willing to extend help. Applying for WI’s internship program changed the course of my career and was an opportunity for which I will be forever grateful.”

    “I was new to regulatory writing and drug development when I began the internship. WI is a fantastic place to learn from experts in both subjects within a structured, supportive, and welcoming environment.”


    “I was new to regulatory writing and drug development when I began the internship. WI is a fantastic place to learn from experts in both subjects within a structured, supportive, and welcoming environment.”

    “The WI internship program was an incredible opportunity that led me to a satisfying career in medical writing. The internal training curriculum and my supportive mentor helped me quickly become knowledgeable about regulatory medical writing. I really enjoyed the flexibility offered by the internship program, which allowed me to balance other responsibilities as I was making this career change.”

    “The WI internship was the perfect opportunity for me to start a second career. It’s a great way to get experience and learn how to write regulatory documents, and work with clients. The internship is structured and well thought out, and each intern is assigned a mentor who will teach you, work with you, and answer so many questions.”

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      Important Dates

      • 1/8/24 Applications Open
      • 2/4/2024 Applications Close at 11:59 PM ET (no exceptions)
      • 2/14/2024 Request for writing assessments from selected candidates
      • 3/11/2024 to 3/29/2024 Interviews with selected candidates
      • 4/1/2024 to 4/5/2024 Notifications of selection to Internship Program
      • 4/15/2024 Tentative first day of Internship Program