WI-Tools Privacy Statement

What information is collected –

In order to provide access to WI-Tools, we will collect your email address. This is the only information that we collect.

Where information is collected from and Why information is collected –

When you log into WI-Tools over the internet, we will check your email address to make sure that you are authorized to use the WI-Tools.

How information is collected (including through cookies and other tracking technologies) –

When you log into WI-Tools, we will pass a session cookie to your browser so that you do not have to log in the next time you access the WI-Tools. The session cookie is good for 1 month.

Who information is shared with or sold to –

We do not share your information with anyone. We will never sell your information.

What rights users have over their data –

You have complete control over your data. If you no longer want to use WI-Tools, please email support@whitsellinnovations.com and we will remove all records of you.