ESG Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

WI is a fully-remote company, with ESG core to our values. From the solar energy panels powering our corporate servers (at the home of our President) to our volunteer policy and ongoing philanthropic events, we are committed to the well-being of the environment, our communities, our clients, our employees, and the patients we serve.

Sustainability Statement

With great respect for our planet, WI is a remote company, intentionally. We believe our rich culture does not require heating, cooling, and lighting a building, providing impervious surfaces to park, using roads to commute, or generating cafeteria food waste. We provide excellence in medical writing services from our home offices while encouraging and promoting eco-consciousness among our staff.

WI is committed to complying with all legal and regulatory requirements related to environmental sustainability and to embracing the ESG guidelines of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB). We will make informed choices when purchasing products and services, giving preference to diverse suppliers and environmentally friendly and sustainable options.

Together with our clients, suppliers, and employees, WI strives to continuously improve upon and strengthen our environmental responsibility and commitment.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

WI fosters an inclusive culture that celebrates our diversity as a source of strength and innovation. We purposefully integrate diversity and inclusion into our policies and practices. To avoid any possible unconscious bias, we anonymize applicant CVs. When considering individuals for promotion opportunities, we provide equal opportunities, our decisions focus on the work experience and accomplishments. We allocate additional paid time off for celebration of holidays that are personally significant. WI’s flexible schedules and work-from-home culture cultivates inclusivity for employees who may otherwise be challenged in a traditional work environment (including those with a neurodiversity or a disability, or who are parents or caregivers.). We welcome our employees as their authentic selves and embrace partnering with suppliers and clients that do the same.

Community Statement

Whitsell Innovations, Inc. (WI) champions volunteerism to support and enhance the communities in which our employees live. We nurture long-term commitments by our employees to address inequities within our communities and profession.  WI sponsors company-wide service events throughout the year and encourages employees to share their skills and talents to support philanthropic initiatives. We have a Volunteer Time Off (VTO) policy that provides paid time off for employees to engage in meaningful and purposeful community service activities. To introduce and welcome talented scientists to our field, WI created an internship program (now in its 12th year) and, annually, WI staff speak about the profession of medical writing at universities across the US.

Sourcing Statement

WI purchasing needs are minimal. However, periodically, WI purchases goods or services to support company needs. In all cases, WI initiates procurement by investigating and prioritizing options from small and diverse businesses. These have included: corporate gifts, company travel, venues for employee gatherings, and WI “swag.”

We embrace the principles and best practices associated with ESG. To honor that commitment, we ensure that our purchasing decisions are aligned with corporate social responsibility. We select suppliers who embrace these values, as well.

Green House Gas (GHG) Metrics

Metric 2023 Result
Scope 1 emissions

Note: As defined by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), WI does not have any Scope 1 emissions

Scope 2 emissions*

Note: This is entirely offset by solar energy

0.13 metric tons
Scope 3 emissions* 22.5722 metric tons

Methodology and Definitions:

  • We embrace the ESG guidelines of the International Sustainability Standards Board (ISSB)
  • Our energy management system is ISO 50001/14001-compliant.
  • Scope 1-3 emissions are defined by EPA’s Simplified Inventory Management Plan (IMP) and follows ISO 14064 standards.
  • Business air travel (Scope 3) calculations were made using the International Civil Aviation Organization Carbon Emissions Calculator (ICEC)
  • We create a carbon footprint report in compliance with ISO 14067, and we have set an SBTi GHG target.